Kévin Juge

Carrying out software development projects

  • Project owner support
  • Computer enginnering and industrial automation
  • C/C++, Python, Qt, IEC61131-3

Areas of intervention

Project management assistance


Software design

Information systems architecture

Industrial performance

Your needs

Define, clarify and break down business needs into specifications and specifications for the teams responsible for implementation

One-off reinforcement or training for your employees

Digitalize your processes, collect data and develop your performance indicators

Improve energy efficiency, limit waste and reduce the environmental impact of your processes

Manage obsolescence, improve reliability and improve your means of production


Development of your activity, new products, new uses

Conquest of new markets

Improving your existing processes and systems

Work simplification (through system integration, or task automation)

Management of equipment obsolescence

Homogenization of solutions

Equipment validation

Improved user support

Precise definition of your needs

Improvement of overall support for users (design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, administrative, etc.)

Support for your employees: training, skills transfer and occasional reinforcement

Multi-business support

Technical intervention

Document and map the system to facilitate interventions

Evaluation of subcontractors (system audit)

Work simplification

Improving the satisfaction of your customers and users

Correction of malfunctions

Improving your processes

Limitation of production losses

Control of costs and deadlines

Projects and missions carried out

Systems of all sizes

Control system audit

System improvement study

Information systems architecture study

Design and construction of electrical systems

Product development

Modernization project

Equipment integration

Prototype card

Self-guided vehicle



Implementation of continuous integration of an application

Finalizing software development


User support (telephone, commissioning, troubleshooting)

Areas of intervention

Embedded systems

Human-machine interface

Industrial automation

Verification and validation

Test bench

Your needs

Simplify your work by adding features to your machines

Manage the obsolescence of your equipment

Facilitating the integration of renewable energies

Develop new electronic products or systems

Optimize resources and energy consumption of the components used

Simplify the configuration, updating, backup and restoration of equipment

Supervise one or more devices remotely

Provide new tools for your staff

Validate the precision of components to improve your systems

Automate your industrial processes

Increase your production capacities

Limit manual operations

Save your resources

Test and validate a system

Check non-regression following corrections


Facilitation of integration of new systems

Management of component obsolescence

Systems improvement

Specific support

Added features

Fixed design errors

Preparation of future projects

Technology watch

Simplification of configuration

Reduced setup time

Avoid the intervention of specialized personnel

User support

Remote equipment supervision

Analysis help

Cost reduction

Improved user experience

Improved features

Help the user to test their equipment

Operation of the application by any user

Resource saving

Increased production / efficiency

Work facilitation

Hardware verification and validation

Control of deadlines and costs

Generation of executables and installers (Windows / Mac)

Increase quality

Examples of production

Added functionality to a public works machine

Electronic card for a storage radiator

Self-guided vehicle

Control and command calculators for the electricity transmission network

System configuration, update, backup, restore

Development of a supervision application

Development of a computer application

Finalizing software

Development of a metrology application

Design and production of control-command systems

Development of business functions for control computers for the electricity transmission network

Reverse engineering to improve and integrate new equipment

Program Improvement

Water network sectioning

Heavy industry support

Development of programs integrated into speed drives

Writing test scripts

Design and creation of a test application

Preventive maintenance



Updating schematics