Kévin Juge

  • Continuous improvement
  • Green Belt - Lean Six Sigma
  • Project management support
  • Energy efficiency

Kévin Juge

  • Continuous improvement
  • Green Belt - Lean Six Sigma
  • Project management support
  • Energy efficiency

🌟 You want to improve your competitiveness, optimize your energy consumption, reduce your environmental impact or digitalize your processes? I am Lean Six Sigma certified and support you as a versatile expert in continuous improvement, IT, industrial automation and electrical engineering. 🌟

🔥 Thanks to my in-depth knowledge of the industrial environment, my autonomy and my expertise acquired over several years of experience, I adapt to your organization in order to intervene on specific or more transversal problems which require a vision of together.

💡 You will appreciate my curiosity, a constant vector of evolution, which has allowed me to evolve in several areas of activity and to acquire both technical and relational skills. In addition, my ability to dialogue with my peers, resulting from my background as a technician, then as an engineer and my experiences in improvisation theater make me a privileged interlocutor to understand your needs and find areas for improvement.

🏆​​ Our collaboration will allow you to increase your competitiveness, help you digitize your processes, improve the working conditions of your employees and improve the satisfaction of your customers thanks to the reduction of waste which occur in your business, associated with a probable reduction in time and costs linked to the processing or manufacturing of products, which will also improve their quality.

🚀 Contact me today to achieve your operational excellence and energy efficiency goals.


1 year project owner support

4 years computer engineering

10 years electrical engineering and automation

6 months mechanical engineering

04/2021 - 05/2024

Permanent contract

Entrepreneur - Studies, production and support in computer engineering, automation and electrical engineering

Development of my consulting activity with the support of the company, an attendant, and other entrepreneurs (networking, training, ...)

  • Marketing
  • Prospecting
  • Understanding of needs
  • Completing missions
  • Participating in working groups relating to the structure (company status, agreements) and general meetings

Partner since December 2023

Continuous improvement complementarity

Method of understanding similar needs and interests between commercialization and continuous improvement

Use of participatory management methods and graphic facilitation

Entrepreneur in studies, production and support in computer engineering, automation and electrical engineering

Depuis 03/2022


The company works for the decarbonization of industry and specializes in the design and production of induction heating machines. This also allows significant energy savings to be made.

Support in electrical engineering/automation - Energy efficiency

In order to relieve the burden on the design office team, I first helped them to produce the electrical diagrams with QElectrotech.

Since September 2023, I have been more integrated into projects and intervened during project meetings.

This simplifies the collection of information, including understanding customer processes and better preparing questions to ask customers.

Technical environment

  • QElectrotech
  • Unitronics PLC

Support in producing electrical diagrams

06/2022 - 09/2022


Finalization of a research software in Python/Qt

In order to help doctors and researchers carry out clinical counter-investigations in undernutrition, based on images from scanners, it is necessary to simplify the use of the software.

  • Integration of graphic design from another provider
  • Data export improvement (Excel export, PDF)
  • Generation of executables and installers for Windows and Mac with PyInstaller
  • Encapsulation of neural networks in the executables
  • Reorganization of Scanner image files, in Dicom format, provided as input
  • Translation of the application in English / French

Finalization of software - Dispute with the principal

Unfinished project due to a dispute between a commitment of means and results: underestimation of the time required and graphic design unsuitable for a desktop application.

Technical environment

  • Python, Windows, MacOS, VsCode, PyQt5, PyQt6
  • Figma
  • pyDicom, tensorflow, pyInstaller, openpyxl

Finalization of a research software

08/2021 - 08/2023


The company specializes in the design and manufacture of scvientific instruments dedicated to electrochemistry and battery cycling.

It has been developing for several years a new range of battery cyclers.

I work in the team responsible for developping the software integrated into the instruments and which witll test the batteries, and I am in contact with others teams (operating system, firmware). Its size varies from 8 to 11 people (Product Owner, QA, back-end, front-end).

Development of configuration software

In order to help users to configure theirs systems, composed of several instruments, to update the software, as well as to save and restore data, I have been commissioned to develop computer configuration software, of the heavy client type.

Implementation of the continuous integration of the main software - Time saving

In order to reduce the generation time of the software linked to the previous range, and to allow developpers to detect problems earlier, I also intervened in the implementation of continuous integration. This software consists of several software and libraries in Delphi and C on SVN.

  • Gathering of requirements from the project manager
  • Understanding of the current solution
  • Development of scripts related to each component
  • Integrating scripts into a pipeline
  • Solution testing and validation

Technical environment

  • PyCharm, PySide2(Qt5), PyTest, Git/Gitlab, UML
  • Types hint, ZeroConf, ZeroRPC/ZeroMQ
  • Instruments under Linux (with RAUC update system)
  • Kanban
  • Generation of the executable and the installer with FBS Pro
  • Design patterns: proxy, state, composite, template method
  • Jenkins, SVN, Delphi, C

Development of configuration software

Implementation of the continuous integration of the main software

06/2022 - 09/2022


The company specializes in the design and manufacture of noise and vibration test and analysis systems.

I worked within the research and development team made up of 7 people.

In order to allow users to monitor their installations remotely, I participated in the development of two applications :

  • the first to configure the data and events to be saved in a database, as well as the data relating to the machine
  • the second to read the data and events from the database, display them in graphic form, and export then innExcel format or to the NVGate software

Technical environment

  • PyCharm, PySide6(Qt6), PyTest, Git/Gitlab
  • Agile methods
  • QtCharts
  • Pattern MVC (list, table, tree)

Software development of a monitoring application

02/2019 - 01/2021

Fixed-term contract

The National Laboratory of Intenses Magnetics Fields is a very large research instrument associated with the INSA and Paul Sabatier universities in Toulouse, France, and the Grenoble Alpes University, since it is located on the Touloues and Grenoble sites.

It makes it possible to generate intense magnetic fields for internal and external research teams, as well as to develop the appropriate scientific instrumentation.
The Grenoble laboratory specializes in the generation of static magnetic fields (stable for several hours), while the Toulouse laboratory specializes in pulsed magnetic fields (more intense but very brief).

I was part of the team in charge of power installations, made up of 5 engineers.

Automation system improvement study - System robustness

In order to integrate new installations (hybrid magnet, electrical transformer station), to satisfy users by improving the reliability of the installations, and to develop new uses such as the sharing of installation data for administrative staff, to enable them to better assess the costs of an experiment. I was in charge of carrying out a study to improve the automation system of power installations.

  • Reverse engineering of automation and supervisor (TSX Premium, Advantys STB, S7-300), and external systems (databases, information sharing)
  • Visit ofequivalent laboratories (search for technical solutions)
  • Meeting with suppliers for product presentation
  • Search for improvement ideas (staff consultation)
  • System design(specifications, requirements, modeling, detailed design) - SysML

Following a conflict in the team, I brought in a consultant to support the project management, which made it possible to carry out a first step, after my departure, in order to improve the robustness of the existing system.

Architecture study of a modeling application - Team support

In order to help the researchers to prepare their experiments, the personnel of workshop of manufacture of the magnets to design the new magnets, as well as the personnel of maintenance and exploitation of the installations, I carried out, with a colleague, a study of architecture and integration of a modeling application.

This colleague is developing multi-physics models to model magnets, and wishes to integrate them into a supercomputer platform, as well as into the operating data of the installations.

  • Definition of use cases, specifications, specifications and modeling in SysML
  • Integration of the HPC MSO4SC platform
  • Database integration

Audit of a control system for a power converter - Troubleshooting

In order to satisfy the users (the resaerch teams), by providing them with stable magnetic fields, I carried out the audit of the control-command system of the direct current rectifiers, modernized a few years earlier. Since these were the source of recurring malfunctions(non-following of instructions, regulation imbalance, initialization problem).

  • Static analysis of the C program (Beaglebone Black, FPGA)
  • Electronic design of a test system for a regulation system for a duo-twelve-phase direct current rectifier (24 pulses)
  • Design of a test library (Robotframework, Python, CAN, Modbus/TCP, RS485, SSH, Labview and I2C/SPI test system interface
  • Writing a report (sent to supplier)
  • Presentation of the system and observations to the laboratory staff to continue the work following my departure

Hybrid magnet project (résistif + supraconducteur)

In order to validate a new piece of equipment (the cryogenic stallite of the hybrid magnet, in progress), I was asked to draw up the the electrical diagrams of several cabinets and boxes, as well as part of the wiring. I was also responsible for developing the control functions of the system on an industrial PLC.

  • Creation of electrical diagrams
  • Automation (Siemens S7-1500) / PID regulation on cryogenic system (Nitrogen / Helium)

Modernization project - Maintain activity

In order to avoid 16 weeks of interruption of the installations, which occured following the replacement of a High Voltage half-train (15kV) with a defective voltage transformer, I proposed a temporary technical solution, validated by the Transport Network of Electricity RTE (direct supplier of the laboratory)

Technical environment

  • PLCs Schneider Electric TSX Premium (Unity), Advantys STB, Siemens S7-300, Siemens S7-1500 (Step 7 and TIA Portal)
  • IHM / SCADA General Electric Cimplicity
  • C, Python, Git, Latex, Eclipse Papyrus (SysML)

National Laboratory of Intenses Magnetics Fields

  • Automation system improvement study
  • Architecture study of a modeling application
  • Audit of a control system for a power converter

09/2017 - 01/2019

Permanent contract

Engineering and consulting company, made up of 3 agencies at the time: Paris, Lyon and Grenoble.

A subsidiary of the ICE Group (Industrial Control and Equipment), specializing in the protection and automation of electrical networks.

I worked on a project in management, in the Lyonnaise agency, where we were 7 people using the Agile Scrum method. Due to the substantial size of the project, three other teams of equivalent size in Agile method, worked in the Parisian premises, associated with a project manager and an architect.

In addition, each team was in contact with a Product Owner, at ICE, the parent company. The end customer was the RTE Electricity Transport Network.

In order to facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the electricity transmission network, it is necessary to make transmission stations smart and therefore to develop the fifth Electre technological level (Smart Electre project), which corresponds to the digitization of the control-command.

The Lyonnaise team was in charge of the computer including the general functions of the workstations (access control, power supply management, alarms). I therefore participated, with her, in the development of business functions in automation language, as well as in the development and maintenance of the computer program for the computer dedicated to communication with other computers and to the human-machine interface, allowing perform operations locally.

System specifications

  • C developments for Beck target (proprietary environment) and IMX6 (embedded Linux)
  • SFC and ST development for automation functions (Straton)
  • System specifications update
  • Updating software design documents
  • Publishing Project Wiki Articles (WordPress)
  • Writing and execution of unit tests for automation functions (Straton)
  • Writing and running integration tests (Robotframework)
  • Update and improvement of software production tools
  • Jenkins job creation and update

Technical environment

  • Agile methods (Scrum)
  • C language, graphics library (Segger), microcontroller Beck, microprocessor IMX6
  • PLC language IEC61131-3 (SFC, ST)
  • Python, network (CAN, Ethernet), protocols (CAN, V24), virtual machines (Lubuntu, Windows 7 32bits)
  • Tools: Bash, Eclipse, Git, Gitlab, Jenkins, Mantis, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Robot Framework, Sciforma, Scons, SourceTree, Straton, VirtualBox, Wireshark, WordPress
  • Tools: Gitlab, Mantis, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Reqtify, WordPress

Smart Electre project to facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the electricity transmission network

  • Automation IT software development
  • Update of software specification and design documents
  • Unit and integration testing

06/2015 - 10/2016

Permanent contract

The company is heir to the underground equipment manufacturing activity Montabert, which designs and manufactures rock breakers and hydraulic drills.

It specializes in the design, sale and rental of manual or automated drilling jumbos for public works companies around the world.

I worked in the design office dedicated to supervision and robotics systems, made up of 3 people.

Development of a metrology program

In order to manage the obsolescence of components as well as reduce the cost of automation solutions, I have developed a metrology computer program. This was to make it possible to assess the accuracy between 2 sensors: one commonly used on machines and its possible replacement.

  • C++ / MFC software development
  • CAN, CAN Open (CanFestival library)

Adding a feature for a client

In order to help a customer drill a narrow tunnel, limiting the length of the slide of a perforator, I modified the computer program of an automated machine to lengthen the slide according to the position of the drill. drill and a manual control.

  • C software development (on real-time system)

Developing a configuration program

In order to facilitate the programming of the sensors, prior to their assembly, as well as the work of the after-sales service technicians, I have developed a computer configuration program.

  • C++ / Qt software development
  • CAN Open

Installation of systems and commissioning

In order to help customers drill or reinforce tunnels, I participated in the manufacture of machines, and more particularly the assembly of sensors, supervision systems and the commissioning of machines in the workshop.

After-sales service

In order to satisfy customers and allow them to meet deadlines, I participated in the after-sales service, in order to limit their production losses.

Malfunctions and waste

During this experience I observed numerous malfunctions and waste, the cause of poor system quality, rework, wasted time and harm to the health/safety of employees. I noticed a strong resistance to change and a lack of desire for improvement.

Technical environment

  • Electricity, electronics, industrial IT (real-time C, C++), mechanics, hydraulics
  • CAN and CanOpen fieldbus
  • Industrial computers (Erim, Arbor - PC/104)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (MFC), Qt Creator
  • Development of a metrology solution
  • Developing a configuration application
  • Added a feature for a client

06/2011 - 06/2015

Permanent contract

The company is a Swedish-Swiss multinational born from the merger of ASEA and Brown Boveri & Cie, specializing in energy and automation technologies.

I worked in the after-sales service dedicated to the variable speed drive, where we were 15 technicians, as well as about ten people (salespeople, assistants, contract managers).

I worked with our industrial customers (cement, paper, steel, chemicals, quarries, water, etc.) in mainland France and overseas (Guadeloupe), and worked with people of different nationalities.

Telephone support, on-call and troubleshooting

In order to help our industrial customers and integrators, to configure their drive for commissioning or to diagnose a breakdown or a need for intervention, I participated in telephone support during the day.

Also to solve problems and limit production losses for major customers, under contract, I provided a telephone support service and on-call intervention.


Finally, to enable our customers to increase their production capacities, renovate their facilities or create new activities, I intervened in commissioning operations of varying complexity.

  • Laminator, test bench, paper machines, winders

Preventive maintenance

In order to help our customers to guarantee the availability of their means of production, to make them more reliable, and to avoid production losses, I have participated in numerous preventive maintenance interventions.

Modernization projects

Also, to help our customers limit the costs related to the obsolescence of equipment, and associated production losses, I have, because of my past experience, carried out modernization projects.

In this case, the technical sales representative had already defined the equipment to be used.

  • Small automation projects
  • Request for technical information from the customer (or visit the installation)
  • Modification of electrical diagrams
  • Validation of the necessary equipment
  • Preparing the configuration and testing on the platform
  • Checking the installation
  • Commissioning

Technical environment

  • Alternative current: SAMI STAR (GTO thyristors) and ACS (IGBT transistors)
  • Direct current: DCS up to 8000A / 1000V
  • Drive parameterization software (DriveWindow, DriveWindow Light, Drive Composer)
  • Adaptive programming (function blocks, Drive AP)
  • PLC programming software for APC, AC80 and AC500 (CodeSys – IEC61131-3)
  • Fieldbus (Profibus, Modbus)
  • After-sales service for low voltage variable speed drives (AC and DC), and automatons in mainland France and Guadeloupe
  • Working with people of different nationalities: Finns, Swedes, Germans, Swiss, Dutch, Danes and Italians
  • Small renovation projects

12/2010 - 05/2011

Fixed-term contract

The company manufactures switch-disconnectors with visible breaking, including a range acquired from Ferraz, for the locking of electric motors in the industrial field (notably steel works and cement works), as well as inductors.

I was involved in the design office made up of 3.5 people.

Development of the range for the photovoltaic market

In order to develop its activity in the photovoltaic field, I was involved in the development of the Safebloc range (switch-disconnectors with visible breaking (ICV) in enclosures). And for this I carried out the study and design of a box adapted to a residential building including an emergency power cut in the event of a fire since the box would be located on the roof near the photovoltaic panels.

  • Reading the standards referring to the application
  • Definition of material
  • Consulting suppliers and requesting samples
  • Creation of references on the ERP
  • Find components in CAD
  • CAD cabinet design
  • Making a prototype

Development of custom boxes

In order to win an important project and satisfy a new client, I participated, with the other members of the design office, in carrying out a study for a manufacturing batch of ICV in a personalized box, as well as 'to its encryption.

We were selected for this project.

Marketing and Sales

In order to inform customers and help them in their purchasing decision, I participated in updating the product catalog.

Technical environment

  • CAD : SolidWorks
  • ERP : Sage X3
  • Development of the range for the photovoltaic market
  • Development of custom boxes

09/2010 - 12/2010

Interim contract

Commissioning technician
Snowstar - Montmélian, Savoie, France

Design and construction of artificial snow installations

The company was still part of the Leitner group.

It specializes in the design and construction of artificial snow installations.

I worked in the French subsidiary, which has around twenty employees.

Due to my previous experience, I once again participated in a project to integrate snow guns into the supervision system with a technical monitoring role since the modifications were carried out by a subcontractor.

Then I participated in the commissioning of the snow guns concerned in the Les Arcs ski area.

05/2009 - 09/2010

Fixed-term contract

Electrical Maintenance Technician
Deux Alpes Loisirs - Les 2 Alpes, Isère, France

Operation of ski lifts

The company has just been taken over by Compagnie des Alpes (CDA).

It operates the Les 2 Alpes ski area.

I intervened within the electrical maintenance department composed of 5 people.

Updating schemas

In order to map and facilitate interventions on the High Voltage electrical network (20kV) which supplies the installations, I updated the diagrams of this network, based on readings taken in the field (connections between electrical stations, and current loopbacks).

  • Maintenance of variable speed drives and DC motors
  • Troubleshooting PLC hardware and software
  • Maintenance and adjustment of security devices

Maintenance and improvement

In order to satisfy the customers, I participated in the electrical maintenance of the installations, and the improvement of their reliability.

As such, it was necessary to assess the needs with regard to the frequency of breakdowns, then define the equipment in order to limit the stock of spare parts, modify the diagrams, install the equipment and adjust it, then create a detailed report for the maintenance department and the safety organization.

  • Replacement of threshold relays on the main installation (Jandri Express) following untimely breakdowns
  • Removal of a fuse box (installation safety line), in order to make their replacement less dangerous (5 meters high without real access)
  • Report of operating information for the water pumps (fire and clean water system) of the restaurant at 3200 meters, following the unfortunate activation of the fire system in an inaccessible area outside of operating period

Technical environment

  • Siemens S5-95U, Telemecanique TSX47, Schneider Twido + Magelis PLCs
  • DC drives: ABB/BBC Veritron PAD/ZAD, Telemecanique RTV84

09/2008 - 10/2008

Permanent contract

After-sales technician
Seirel Automatismes - Lyon, Rhône, France

Automation for ski lifts

The company has just joined the Gérard Perrier Industrie group, and specializes in the design, production and maintenance of electrical equipment and operates mainly in cable transport.

I worked in the after-sales service and the manufacturing workshop, which was made up of 5 and around ten employees and service providers, respectively.

Compliance control

In order to guarantee installation completion deadlines and avoid non-conformities, as well as train myself in marketed solutions, I intervened in the conformity control of the realization of electrical cabinets, as well as their testing in the workshop.

Release of reservations

In order to remove reservations, I also intervened with a customer in after-sales service.

Technical environment

  • Speed drives: Vacon and Gefran
  • Pilz Safety PLCs

06/2008 - 08/2008

Fixed-term contract

Electrical maintenance agent
Deux Alpes Loisirs - Les 2 Alpes, Isère, France

Operation of ski lifts

The company operates the Les 2 Alpes ski area

Assignments identical to the year 2009-2010

01/2008 - 04/2008

Fixed-term contract

Maintenance Technician
SATVAC (domaine skiable "Les Sybelles") - Le Corbier, Savoie, France

Operation of ski lifts

The company operates the Corbier and Saint Jean d'Arves ski areas, which are part of the Sybelles ski area (Le Corbier, La Toussuire, Saint Jean d'Arves, Saint Sorlin d'Arves, Saint Collomban des Villars, Les Bottières).

I worked in the operations department, where we were 6 employees in charge of maintenance.

To satisfy the clientele and limit the downtime of the installations, I participated in the electrical and mechanical maintenance of the ski lifts, and participated in the operation (by replacing the operators during their meal breaks).

09/2006 - 12/2007

Sandiwch training, then interim

The company, now part of the Montagne et Neige Développement (MND) group, renamed Sufag, was then part of the Leitner group (Leitner, Prinoth, Poma).
It specializes in the design and construction of artificial snow installations.

I worked in the French subsidiary, which has around twenty employees.

Test bench for automatons - Products quality

During the first year, I was on a work-study contract (professionalization) for my professional license and I had the mission of creating a test bench in order to test the equipment marketed by the company following site or customer returns to send it for repair if necessary, and if necessary to validate the repairs.

  • Test bench for owner-controllers
  • Development of a computer program to guide the operator, perform the tests and write the report
  • Integration of a communication component with PLCs (done by a colleague)

Water network sectioning - Waste reduction

In order to help a customer cut off a water network to save resources, I participated in the production of automation boxes. The automaton measures the pressure difference between the 2 sides of the valve in order to authorize its operation, as well as manage faults and operate the valve.

  • Industrial Automation

Integration of competing snow guns

To facilitate the use of snow guns, from competing manufacturers or those that have disappeared, they must be integrated into the supervision system. This requires replacing their automaton. Also, to standardize programs (input/output assignment) and simplify version management, it is necessary to understand how the snow gun works in order to reuse a similar program.

  • Study of existing snow guns and definition of suitable operation
  • Initial operation check with customer
  • Electrical study and/or consultation with a supplier
  • Checking the changes made
  • Workshop tests with energies (water, electricity)
  • Commissioning of snow guns in their operating conditions and with the supervision system


  • Commissioning installations
  • Service interventions
  • Workshop work

Technical environment

  • CAD : SolidWorks, AutoCAD
  • Programming : Microsoft Visual Basic
  • PLC : Schneider Zélio
  • Test bench for testing proprietary automatons
  • Water network disconnection to save resources
  • Integration of competing snow guns into the supervision system



Green Belt Lean Six Sigma – Complete course
XL Formation - Online

2015 - 2022

Master degree in Computer Architecture and Systems and Software engineering
CNAM - Lyon, Rhône, France


Bachelor degree in Electrical engineering and automation
Université Joseph Fourier - IUT1 - Grenoble, Isère, France


"DUT" Electrical engineering and industrial computing
Université Joseph Fourier - IUT1 - Grenoble, Isère, France
Option: Electrical engineering and power electronic


Bacccalauréat (School leaving certificate A-levels) in electrical engineering
Lycée Portes de l'Oisans - Vizille, Isère, France

Additional training

Learning books and articles

  • Languages : C, C++, Java, Python, Java EE, HTML5/CSS3
  • Operating systems : Linux
  • Databases : MySQL
  • Networks : TCP/IP
  • Tools : Latex, GDB, Git

Christophe Blaess - “System development under Linux”
Claude Delannoy - “Programming in modern C++ (C++ 11 to C++20)”
Laurent Debrauwer - “UML 2.5”
Antoine Clave - “UML Pratical guide for job analysis”
Laurent Debrauwer - “Design patterns”

Personal projects

In order to prepare future projects, model making at the time, and to refresh my knowledge of microncontroller programming, I made prototyping electronic board with a programming circuit derived from the programmer UsbPicProg, and some components allowing to create a program (serial link, stepper motor, DC motor, LCD display, buzzer, buttons, potentiometers, LEDs).

In order to simplify the change of microcontroller, to managethe 12V power supply and to integrate the serial / USB converter, I made a second improved version.

  • Microchip PIC16F, PIC18F

Training and preparing for future projects

In order to improve an analog remote-controlled vehicle and then make it self-guided, I made the electronic cards for the vehicle and the remote control, as well as the program for their respective microcontrollers.

The vehicle incorporates batttery management, steering and propulsion motor regulation, a buzzer, LEDs, a radio receiver,and an I2C link to Raspberry or ESP32.

In order to correct some design errors, I made a second board for the vehicle. This makes it possible to significantly increase current delivered by the choppers to the motors (x 2,5), as well as to improve the management of its power supply, that of the Raspberry, and to separate the lighting of the lights (LEDs).

In order to make this vehicle self-guided, using a camera, I made a computer program, initially for a Raspberry, using the OpenCV library, then an ESP32 microcontroller with camera. This communicates with the vehicle using the I2C link.

In order to be able to control this vehicle remotely, using the imagesfrom the camera, I made a third computer program, which communicates with the Raspberry or the ESP32 microcontroller using Wifi. Following the use of ESP32, it has evolved to integrate the OpenCV library.

Software development in C

  • Microcontroller (PIC16F) with communication (radio and I2C)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 / ESP32 : I2C communication (to the vehicle) and Ethernet (Wifi), computer vision with OpenCV

Software development in C++ / Qt

  • Remote control application, via the Raspberry / ESP32 and computer vision

Improved an analog RC vehicle to make it self-guided

Due to the obsolescence of an electric storage heater (with bricks) and in order to remedy the obsolescence of the spare parst, including the load regulation card, I made a new electronic card which will also allow upgrade the device (as with current thermostats): fault management, room temperature regulation, time planning, configuration and trend display via web interface.

  • ESP32

Component obsolescence management

Added features


Member of the association APMFS (Preservation of railroad equipments)
Chambéry, Savoie, France

Railcoop member
Figeac, Lot, France


Sports and hobbies


Mountain bike

Sail (windsurf, catamaran)


Scuba diving

Improvisational theater