Kévin Juge

Carrying out software development projects

  • Project owner support
  • Computer enginnering and industrial automation
  • C/C++, Python, Qt, IEC61131-3

Who am I ?

Discreet by nature and originally from the mountain environment, I began my career in the latter, renowned for its spirit of mutual aid. Then my curiosity pushed me to discover other fields of activity, such as industry, energy, public works, the scientific community as well as health, and finally to begin an entrepreneurial adventure.

After a few years of activity and a lack of opportunities, apart from traveling missions, I completed my initial training to broaden my area of ​​skills towards computer engineering, which proves to be very complementary to my field of work. origin and is particularly suitable for the development of renewable energies, which interest me greatly.
Other opportunities are gradually emerging, such as robotics, energy efficiency and the digitalization of industry, an area for which additional training in continuous improvement would expand the opportunities.

My entrepreneurial project began in 2021, and aims to bring together my different skills in the same service offering, as well as reorient myself towards missions that are both shorter and more diversified, as when I worked in the industry, and which can be renewed. Also the choice of my status was guided by my interest in the associative environment, which is why I joined the 3Bis Activities and Entrepreneurs Cooperative (www.3bis.fr), which in addition to being local, allows you to create a network with other entrepreneurs, as well as continue to benefit from employee status.

What defines me


Curious, I thrive in the search for new ideas in technology, with the realization of personal projects which allow me to introduce myself to new techniques, which is also an asset for improving processes. As at the organizational level, with the objective of testing new forms, different from traditional hierarchical structures: horizontal organization, collectives, coworking.

Also I am particularly interested in collaborating with liberated, horizontal or trust-promoting companies.

This entrepreneurial project is also a real opportunity for personal development which should allow me to develop my relational skills, as well as more specific new ones such as marketing or commercial development.

Sharing / altruism

I have a keen interest in the associative environment and am naturally interested in entrepreneurial collectives, with whom we share interests (prospecting, collaboration on larger projects), and prefer to intervene on subjects beneficial to society.

For me, the diversity of solutions encountered by different clients is a real vector of creativity, since it can be a source of inspiration to solve a problem encountered by another.

In this perspective of mutual contribution and in order to develop lasting relationships, it seems more profitable to me to develop partnerships than to intervene as a simple service provider.

Also I think I will pass on my experience and knowledge through training.

Finally, my growing interest in human relations, which I develop with improvisation theater classes, and which also stimulates me, leads me towards an evolution of my activity, currently very technical, towards more exchanges and meetings . And directs me towards more support by betting on the know-how, autonomy, responsibility and trust of the future partners who will be responsible for the implementation.

Preservation of the environment

In connection with the major current challenges, such as exceeding planetary limits, including global warming, I attach a particular interest to the preservation of the environment, which makes me prefer local projects, teleworking, or accessible by means of collective transport. Which is both a time saver and beneficial for your health.

With this in mind, it seems important to me to improve processes to make them more energy efficient, to improve the management of equipment obsolescence and to work towards the development of renewable energies.


In connection with my positioning towards shorter missions, even one-off and diversified, as well as my extra-professional activities such as the associative world, the practice of sailing sports, linked to weather conditions and my personal projects, flexibility is essential.

I can therefore support you in more original ways: staggered hours and flexible part-time.

Why work with me ?


Diverse experience


Multi-skill overview

Outside view



Strength of proposal







Understanding of needs

Ability to interact with any type of actor

Small companies: Your resources and means are limited, the cost of recruitment is high, your needs are specific and your needs are diverse.

Medium, big companies: Your resources are larger, your teams more specialized, and your projects more important: you probably need to coordinate everything.

Public servicdes (administration, research), NGO : Your resources are limited, your needs are specific and may evolve and you wish to share your tools with the scientific community.

Fields of activity

Winter sports

Cable car


Rolling mill
DC motor

Paper mill


Cement works/Quarries




Water and sanitation



Solar panels
Water mill

Scientific research

Magnet box

They trusted me




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